I'm Kylie Saunder, a Melbourne SEO copywriter.

I write top quality, creative and affordable copy that’s engaging and customer focused.

By taking the time to understand your business I produce quality content that stands out from your competition.

I work with small and medium businesses, digital and marketing agencies.

From professional services including finance, accounting, law and health to regional tourism, food, wine, trades and retail.

I've got a track record of writing content that converts readers into buyers.

With over 15 years of writing experience, up to date SEO knowledge and a business and marketing background, I've helped clients with the following type of copywriting.

1. Copywriting website content

Website content needs to please the search engines, but must be written to appeal to your target reader and prospective client.

My clients value the way I combine my business, marketing and SEO copywriting experience to create compelling website content that converts.

2. Copy editing website and blog content

Clients use my services when they’ve got the ‘bare bones’ of their website or blogs.

With an ‘outsider’ view and a clear idea of who their target audience is, I transform their content from ho-hum to compelling.

I’ve been told I have an uncanny ability to get the ideas out of their head and onto the page,

”It’s like I’ve written it…the way I really wanted it to be…but I just couldn’t get there by myself…”

3. Repurposing content

From half written Word documents, to old blog posts or notes from a presentation or conference.

I use my client’s voice and re-energise their content – it’s a little like a ‘content makeover / facelift’.

4. Email templates and letters

Clients use my copywriting services to create or edit their email templates and auto-responders. From a law firm with a series of email responses to a medical practice’s new patient letters and follow-ups.

5. Speaker’s kits, brochures and POS displays

I help clients with copywriting offline as well. From writing a speaker’s kit for a start-up entrepreneur to writing a brochure and POS posters for a local business.

What it’s like to work with me?

Before I work with any client I like to have a chat – in phone, on Skype or if they’re in Melbourne over a coffee.

If I was looking for an SEO copywriter, this is what I'd ask:

- Why do you love writing and what do you read?
- What’s the process if I hire you?
- What are your payment terms?
- How do you ‘capture’ my tone of voice’?
- How much input do you need from me?
- What timeline is usual for the project I need help with?

It could be tempting when you’ve hired a copywriter to put your feet up, settle onto couch and watch your favourite Netflix show.

But when you hire a SEO copywriter, you’ll need to stick around to:

- Complete the copywriting brief and discuss it with the copywriter
- Review and add comments to the draft content presented
- Sign off on the final version.

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